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Your Water Test

Image by Jacek Dylag

Why a water test is an important ancillary service we offer for existing or prospective home owners:

When you are contemplating buying a new house, water testing is of utmost importance. While public water sources are kept to certain standards, these only cover the water that has not left the water treatment facility. Once it has left the plant, the water must flow through miles of pipes, some of which may be in a poor state of repair or have lead - before entering the home's water supply. We are happy to test your water for either bacteria or other contaminants as part of our ancillary services. 

Well water is also susceptible to certain contaminants, therefore it is strongly suggested that homeowners should test their wells every year to check bacteria levels and other contaminants that may seep in from the surrounding environment. 

Call us today to schedule your Water Test for bacteria or your FHA Water test. 

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