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Grounds  Inspection

Why Grounds Inspections are included in Your Home Inspection Package:

Although grounds are not technically part of the house; they can be a significant cause of issues. Soil can shift causing a change in grade and cause improper water drainage. Lack of preventative maintenance or poor design can cause decks to shift and become unsafe and result in high repair costs and become a safety hazard. The report shall include the types of materials used in construction of these outdoor components and their respective condition, as well as recommended repairs and/or upgrades.

We also check out the driveways and walkways as to whether there is any signs of drainage issues which may divert water to flow towards the foundation of the house. Steep driveways may be problematic for this reason and will be noted in the report.

Trees with roots that may interfere with the integrity of the foundation will also be noted if they are growing too close to the house. Please note that we can only go by what is visible therefore we cannot always know how a tree's root system is growing.

Other outdoor elements of the property may be inspected, such as the safety barriers around a pool (we do not inspect the actual pool as this is a separate specialty) porches, roofs and supports, walkways, steps, retaining walls etc.

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