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Your Garage  Inspection

Why a Garage Inspection is an important part of Your Home Inspection Package:

Even though garages do not comprise the main part of the house, however we emphasize that a garage inspection is just as important as the rest of the house. Due to safety concerns; the garage can be a vital part of the house's  evaluation.

Garages are often used to store flammable materials and vehicles which are also a fire hazard as vehicles can spontaneously combust.  If the garage is attached or part of the house, then we will check that there is a fire separation between the garage and the living areas of the house. These may not exist in older homes, therefore having it noted on the inspection report is key. If the garage is not part of the house, the roof will also be examined.

The state of the garage doors will also be looked at, whether they show signs of damage and how the door functions and have the proper wiring and whether they are properly connected to a GFCI circuit. 

The garage floor will also be inspected for signs of settling and cracks which can be indicative of structural issues with the house. Water stains will also be looked for, as this can be a sign of improper drainage or leaking from above. 

Another potential issue that can be part of the garage inspection is whether vital load bearing posts and appliances that may be a fire hazard are properly shielded from accidental vehicle contact. Any load bearing posts should be properly shielded and secured to the ceiling above and the floor below for this reason as well.

Image by Martin Katler
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