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Plumbing Inspection

Why a preliminary plumbing inspection is an important part of your Home Inspection 

When we inspect your home we check the visible plumbing and fixtures in the home. We make note of the material from which the pipes are made. We test the faucets, toilets, showers and tubs. We check for leaky pipes or corrosion that may indicate a past water leak or intermittent leak. We look at the condition of the pipes and note the material they are made of. We look at the line valves, and the main shut off valve. We look at the supply lines coming into toilets and look for any signs of water leaks or damage. We check to see if any sink faucets or showers are dripping. 

If there are any exposed pipes in the basement we examine them for signs of leaks or potential issues and make note of these. 

Modern Bathroom
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