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Heating/cooling systems Inspection

Why inspecting the heating and cooling systems are an important part of a Home Inspection Package:

Our inspectors will test the heating and cooling systems to the best of our abilities, weather permitting. We will test to see if boilers are heating the house if it is cold out, and air conditioning units are cooling the house if it is warm out. Testing these systems under improper weather conditions could damage them and would not yield accurate readings.  We will look for signs that these appliances are not working correctly, however we are limited to what is visible.

​We will visually inspect appliances and note any superficial issues that may indicate deeper problems.

If possible, we will try to check whether your thermostat, air conditioner, furnace, heat pump and ducts are in functional condition.We will also test systems if possible to see if gas or oil furnaces light and whether they deliver heating or cooling to the home. 

Air Conditioner
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