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Your Termite Inspection

Why a preliminary termite and wood destroying insect inspection is an important part of your Home Inspection

Termites are vicious invaders. They're practically invisible, totally silent and are able to cause serious harm to a home before the damage even becomes evident. These destructive pests create problems in almost every state of the union and cause approximately $50 billion worth of damage to wood structures every year!

Getting a termite inspection before buying a house is highly advisable, as it can save a lot of heartache later. Most of the time, lenders will require a termite inspection before approving a loan. 

It is important to understand that the way termites work, they begin on the inside of the wood and work their way outward. That is what makes them so insidious. They leave very little indications of their presence, until they are well established and done a lot of damage. 

A termite inspector can help you evaluate more than just a termite infestation, we are also trained in recognizing signs of other types of wood destroying insects, such as carpenter ants.

We can also help you understand the severity of an infestation, as not all termite infestations should be considered deal breakers, as some are relatively new and treatable. 

Call or message us today to schedule your termite inspection!

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